What Is Your Fitness Age?

PHILADELPHIA - Stress and overworking has led many to gain unwanted pounds. Studies have shown overworking can be one of the leading causes of obesity among adults.

"I would say a good 75 - 80% of the day; I'm kinda in my office," said Lindsey. Designing fabric's for high end department stores and hotels and she barely leaving her desk - even for lunch.

She also admits that she simply grabs something to eat and brings it to her desk. Lindsey also said that she wasn't handling stress in the best way and that when the pounds started rapidly packing on more and more.

This is enough to send people running to the gym, but Lindsey Baker found out something far more alarming than the number on her scale that showed 275 pounds.

"My fitness age starting out was 47, I'm 31 years old," said Lindsey. So what she's talking about is her real age, her health or fitness age?

"Her fitness age at that time was 47 which was crazy to me because she wasn't married yet she didn't have children yet,” said Danielle Zacamy, a fitness guru.

Zacamy wasted no time tailoring her exercise, nutrition, and more.

"I mean she had some hard road ahead of her as far as keeping on track with that lifestyle," she said.

"You do have to allow time for your health or it will catch up with you," said Doctor Victoria Falcone.

She does not treat Lindsey, but she sees countless patients just like her at her functional medicine practice specializing in the science behind your true age or lifeline.

She says the answer is right there in your cells - your DNA caps at the tips of each chromosome called telomeres. "The longer your telomeres, the longer you're going to live and vice versa, depending on your lifestyle,” said Doctor Falcone.

Smoking, obesity, and stress can accelerate the rate at which your telomeres shorten.

She says there's more - how we manage our nutritional intake, sleep habits, and exposure to toxins from food, chemicals, and the environment.

"This explains why some people live very, very long lives and some people live very short lives," said Dr. Falcone. The doc says a simple blood test tells all. She admits some doctors still question the newer technology.

As well as other advancements she says in preserving health- even after cell damage is done. Once you shorten them you can't get them back, it may take years to develop this technology. In the meantime she says you can really slow down your fitness aging process while you grow older chronologically.

What Lindsey's been doing the past year is walking that massive fabric warehouse, hitting the gym, sleeping and eating better and its working.

"I went from 275 to 185 so I've lost 90 pounds so far. I went from like a size 22 down to like a size 10 in dress sizes," said Lindsey. She just got her best physical and lab results in years, and her current fitness age is 24.

Your fitness age number may vary depending on the method you use to calculate it. Some are free, some are not, but all of them are designed to get your attention in a matter of life or death. The question becomes, what are you willing to do about it?

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