Bernie Sanders speaks about his election hopes

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and John Kasich were all in Philadelphia Monday pushing for the votes.

FOX 29’s Brad Sattin spoke to Bernie Sanders.

"A new FOX 29 poll is out for Pennsylvania showing you're down 11 points right now. Independents can't vote for you tomorrow. How do you pull this out?" Sattin asked.

"Well, we have a rally tonight. We have many thousands of people out. We're doing everything that we can to increase the voter turnout. Generally speaking, not always, but polls have often underestimated how we do on Election Day," Sanders told FOX 29.

The poll also finds that should Clinton and Trump be their party's nominees, more than a quarter of those Sanders supporters surveyed would turn their support to Donald Trump and not Senator Clinton. 

"To win a national election, we will get almost all the democratic votes, but I think we're gonna get a lot more of the independent votes than will Hillary Clinton,' Sanders explained.

"Would you drop out if you're mathematically eliminated?" Sattin asked. "No, we're staying in. No," Sanders responded.

Staying in, he says, through California.

Meanwhile, 20 blocks away, Hillary Clinton rallied the troops outside City Hall, talking gun control as the city's sees a spike in recent high-profile shootings and murders.

"We did an event here in Philadelphia where we had mothers who lost children. Doesn't matter who they are they are members of a club none of us want to join," Clinton said.

On the Republican side, John Kasich, shaking hands in Philadelphia. As Republican front runner Donald Trump, speaking in West Chester, blasting him and Ted Cruz over their new alliance aimed at lowering Trump's delegate count.

"They joined forces, I've been doing this for 10 months these two guys they're politicians all their lives that's all the do and you kept hearing they're doing well.  I have millions of votes more than each one of them," said Trump.

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