Breastfeeding mother says she was asked to leave YMCA class

Limerick, Pa. (WTXF) A woman says she was told to leave a class at a YMCA because she was breastfeeding her child. Now, hundreds are reacting on social media.

"I just couldn't believe it was happening at the YMCA," said mother, Kate Haslam. 

Kate Haslem says she can't believe what happened after she nursed her 19-month-old Weston during a toddler movement class at the Spring Valley YMCA in Limerick yesterday.

"Upper management came in I was standing up with West and they said,  'If you're going to nurse you need to do it in the hallway. There's benches in the hallway'" Kate explained.  "I said, 'Why?; She said, 'There's men in this class and they're uncomfortable and they've been making complaints,'"

According to Kate, she was sitting on the balance beam nursing her son which she says she's done in the building before. However, she says this time upper management asked her to cover up and leave the room despite it being legal to breastfeed publicly she says.

"They can't force me to nurse in the bathroom or cover up but he said that's what they prefer"' she said.

Kate says several of the staff admitted they didn't know the law but after looking it up she says they still preferred she not nurse in the classroom.

Shaun Elliott is the CEO and calls it a misunderstanding.

He says staff and the children needed to use the balance beam that Kate was sitting on but also suggested other places she could breastfeed.

"For me the message is women are welcome to breastfeed anywhere in our facility. It's a natural thing any miscommunication is unfortunate and if we can do a better job communicating we're happy to do so," he told FOX 29.

Kate isn't buying it.

"It took a lot a lot of courage to go out in public and nurse. You get dirty looks and people are uncomfortable with you nursing," she explained.

Kate does plan to return to the YMCA since she enjoys it there.

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