COPY-Woman insulted on food delivery receipt

FOX 10 Phoenix (KSAZ) -- It's not what a valley woman ordered; she says a restaurant delivered more than food to her office, they served up insults. Insults that were printed right on the deliver receipt.

Now she's upset and demanding answers.

The receipt for burritos left a bad taste on one woman's mouth. She says she's not the one who ordered food, and the restaurant isn't apologizing.

On the receipt it read "Don't deliver to Mia, just tell her we don't want any more problems, she is loca (crazy)."

"I started crying, I was shocked, I could not believe it what they put on the receipt," said Mia Fisher.

Fisher said her co-worker ordered the delivery from Burrito Express in Mesa and Mia's name was associated with the address.

She says she complained the last time she ordered from the restaurant because they forgot her rice and beans. But she never thought the complaint would lead to the restaurant calling her crazy on the receipt.

"My first reaction was he did this to get back at me and be awful at me, and childish," she said.

The restaurant's owner Angel Marin said Mia didn't just complain about her last order, he says she used vulgar language. Marin says he doesn't regret writing the note.

"Irrational, out of control, ridiculous, inexcusable would have worked, loca was one of the softer terms," said Angel Marin.

Marin just says the customer was never supposed to see the note. It was inputted in the wrong space in the computer system.

That he says was the only thing he got wrong about this order. 

"I regret where I put the note, we weren't trying to embarrass her, but what I said is a pretty reasonable explanation of how she behaved," said Marin.

It may be a nasty fight, but one that is ending on some type of agreement. The customer says she'll never go back there, and the store says they will never serve her again.
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