Family suing Boyertown School District over new locker room policy

- A family is suing the Boyertown School District over a new locker room policy.

"I think we should be made aware of these things. I would have wanted to know that they were planning to do this," said Lori Angstadt.  She and others are upset over a change in a locker room policy at Boyertown High School.  Angstadt’s son is a student at the school. She and others say school officials didn't notify them that a student born female but identifies as a boy is now allowed to use the boy's locker room.
"I'm not thrilled with it. Girls should be in the girls locker room and boys should be in the boys locker room," said Angst. 
Many parents found out about it today after an 11th grade boy and his family filed a lawsuit against the Boyertown School District.  A lawyer for the 17-year-old says he was changing in the boys locker room when he noticed the other student undressed there too.
"The girl is identifying as a boy but she's still biologically female," said Kellie Fiedorek, Legal Counsel representing the family on behalf of Alliance Defending Freedom.  She says the school is violating students right to privacy.
"It's common sense that boys and girls shouldn't be forced to shower or take their clothes off in front of a member of the opposite sex in an intimate facility," said Fiedorek. 
She says the boy and his family have met with school officials about respecting students privacy but says they've gotten nowhere.
"Instead they told our client that he needed to tolerate the situation and act as natural as possible when a girl entered and took her clothes off in this locker room with boys everywhere. So we're asking the court to uphold, Federal and State law is very clear that every child has the right
to privacy and that school officials have a duty to respect that right to privacy," said Fiedorek.
Matt Angstadt is an eleventh grader at the school and says he will likely go along with the change but doesn't like it.
"I wouldn't really feel the most comfortable changing next to a girl and I can almost guarantee you a girl would not feel comfortable changing next to a guy. If this were a guy going in a girls locker room I feel like it would be a huge deal," he said.
We contacted the Superintendent’s office for comment. We’re waiting to hear back from them.
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