Hank's Take: Christmas presents

- Pizza is a really good Christmas present. Christmas shopping bogging you down?  Can't figure out to get that "special someone?"  It's ok  Uncle Hank's here with a little advice.... OPEN YOUR EYES!  There's great gifts everywhere drive down any road.

Like Route 130 down near Gloucester City home of the Famous King of Pizza.  Good place for lunch and great place for gift-shopping.

You know , pizza's a good thing for... anything.  Any occasion.  I mean if you want to buy something as a gift it's a good thing. You give what you can give.

Yes, they have gift cards and look it's pizza you can't lose. You can get good gifts almost anywhere  just look around. 

And don't forget, you can always give the special gift of bowling.

There's two kinds of people. You either like bowling or you lie and say you don't.  Stacy Haubenstein at Westbrook Lanes says a bowling gift card is a guaranteed strike.

It makes an excellent gift.  They come in they can either buy the games or into the pro shop and buy a bowling ball, bowling shoes, any of that stuff. 

The card won't work in the bar  but it will for pretty much anything else and they're open 24 hours.

Alright, so the year's been good to you and  you want to spend some money on that special someone.  Why don't you buy them a mobile home?  You need to quit looking at me like that  these are good ideas.

The Crescent Mobile Home Park was having a nice gift day for the kids this afternoon and yes there is a home for sale. It's a two bedroom, one bath mobile home with a porch  and a deck in the front. It's a beautiful home.

And at about $25,000 not bad for a place to live and there's no property tax. But you will shell out $490 a month for the space.  Look forget the details it's the spirit we're talking about.

And again, as far as Christmas is concerned it's not about what you get it's about the thoughts of it. You know what I mean? Yeah,  I do and the funny thing?  Whatever you buy  the people closest to you, especially if you work a lot like I do. What they really want is just a little more of your time.  Took me a long time to learn that  maybe I still am. I'm Hank and that's my take.  Merry Christmas.


Hank Flynn hunts for Hatchimals


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