How will legal sports betting impact college sports?

- Sports betting is coming to a casino nearby. Will it have3 an impact on college sports? 

A recent poll finds half of Americans approve of legal sports betting.

Farleigh Dickinson University conducted a poll and found that 50 percent of Americans favor it. The United States Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports betting.

What impact will the ruling have on college sports? And, are people happy about that?

“He might miss a couple of shots. Not catch that touchdown pass. Throw a couple of interceptions if he’s a quarterback. The position these college kids are in is not an easy one and, if they’re hungry, they might make the wrong decision,” said professional gambler Philly Godfather.

The Supreme Court is clear – betting on sports teams is now allowed and a person doesn’t have to travel to Las Vegas to do it. 

Pick-up basketball is pure and simple. Nobody gets paid to play in the park.

But, per a Supreme Court decision, sports books will soon be opening. Reactions went both ways.

“I think that it’s fantastic. So people don’t have to do anything illegal,” said a woman in favor of the ruling.

“Definitely not a good thing, because it’s going to be another addiction that the public’s going to suck up, just like everything else,” a man against the ruling said.

Like a fast break in progress, the money already flows in sports betting. Some say it’s a $400 billion industry and most of that had been illegal, until the Supreme Court ruling May 14.

Now others will get a piece of the pie, including the public coffers. But, not much will change for college athletes and professional gambler Philly Godfather said that’s a problem.

“Absolutely. These days with the internet, the college kids know exactly what the NCAA is making. They made $900 million last year off the March Madness tournament. So, that creates animosity with some of these players that are starving, going to school, knowing they’re generating all this money and income and they’re not getting paid. So, they might be tempted to take a bite out of that apple. That forbidden fruit,” Philly Godfather stated. 

To be fair, college athletes often get full scholarships, with room, board, tuition and books included. But, some come from no money and some get into jams.

“There’s guys everywhere and these kids get in trouble. They might be already betting small with a certain bookmaker in a certain neighborhood. And, if he gets in over his head, and he owes the guy some money, he might end up doing him a favor,” explained Philly Godfather.

Now, the NCAA is already being investigated on suspected corruption in college basketball recruitment – they issued a statement Monday saying that they’d be making changes. They didn’t specify what kind. But, Philly’s Godfather’s right – these kids make too much money for other people to be cut out of the action themselves. And, as of Monday, the size of that action is only going to grow.

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