Kindness of friends and strangers helps family in need

The holiday season nearly took a really bad turn for a local family.  Just days before Christmas they found themselves homeless.  Bill Anderson spoke to the family and the people who rallied in their support to show them that at what they thought would be their darkest moment the kindness of friends and strangers can provide light…..for goodness sake.
Nearly 65% of Americans are less than 1 paycheck away from homelessness. To most those are just numbers, emotionless statistics but a group of animal rescue workers found themselves dealing with a family in that very situation right as we head into the holiday season.”
“There’s a family that needs to surrender their dog, when I asked the reason why for the surrender she said they lost their home. They were homeless is what she said and then broke down.”
So days before Christmas they found out the Ortiz family, a couple and their 5 kids would be on the street. Today FOX 29's Bill Anderson met a group of animal rescue workers who for now are focused on helping these people.
The rescue posted the story on Facebook, started a GoFundMe account and another person in the animal rescue community saw it.  She’s donating her services to care for the family pets and also shared why animal rescue workers rallying for a family really isn’t that unusual.
“You understand that people go through hard times. This family is going through a hard time. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have a good human animal bond going on.  Sometimes you need pets to get through that," said Dr. Lisa.
The Ortiz family is both proud and private. They didn’t really want to talk about this situation but when FOX 29's Bill Anderson explained to them that other families needed to hear about this they agreed to let him come by and speak to them. 
They say a miracle happened. The miracle was a friend saw the post and invited all 7 Ortiz family members to come stay in her house with her husband and 2 children. 
They still need a job and permanent housing but in one of the darkest moments imaginable a community rallied and showed the Ortiz family the light……For Goodness Sake
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