Philadelphia Boxer Yusaf Mack Sets Record Straight Over Gay Porn Allegations


PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)- A week ago the story of professional Philly boxer Yusaf Mack's exploded in the media.

The 35-year old father of 10 claimed he was drugged and forced into doing gay porn.

What did he get for it? Just $4,500.

Now, in the aftermath of scandal Mack's telling a much different story about what he did, and the lies he told to cover up who he is.

FOX 29's Quincy Harris sat down exclusively with Mack to help set the record straight.

Mack began the interview by coming out as gay.

"I'm gay. I'm tired of holding it in, it is what it is. I live my life. I'm gay," Mack explained.

He says he's known the truth about who he is for about 8 years now.

Last week, when it was revealed that Mack appeared in a gay porno, he responded to the allegations by saying he was drugged and forced into doing it.

That was the story he had stuck with until sitting down with FOX 29.

Quincy asked him about the story of being drugged and forced into doing the film, which was shot last year.

"It was all a lie," Mack responded, "To try to cover myself up."

Now, Mack says he remembers the entire experience.

Mack goes on to explain that the tape that came out was the only one he has ever done, and that he simply didn't know when it was going to come out.

When it came out, Mack says he could do nothing to hide the tape, or his true identity any longer.

Once the tape became public, Mack says two things entered his mind; how he would explain it to his children, and suicide.

"I was hurt. Like to myself. Then I think about my children, like how am I gonna explain this to my children," Mack said, "I called a couple of my friends and told them 'I'm thinking about killing myself.'"

While Mack says he no longer wants to kill himself, and that he's free and happy, the backlash from the video was not yet over for him.

Before the video Mack was previously engaged to marry a woman he had been with for five years. He says the two of them were good to each other, but for him, it was a lie. Mack went and told her the truth, and apologized for any pain he had caused her or their children.

Coming out to a woman he was going to marry was tough, but Mack admits that the toughest conversation he's had in the weeks since the tape was revealed was the one he had with his oldest daughter.

Quincy asked Mack what that first conversation with his daughter was like.

"Kill yourself," his daughter said, "You embarrass us."

Mack could say nothing back, and could only break down in tears, and tell her, "You're right," before hanging up.

He tells Quincy that he wants all of his children to know that he is sorry.

As for everyone else Mack feels he lied to or hurt, he has a message for them.

"The truth is I'm sorry. You don't like me or love me, regardless I'm still me. When you see me on the streets, I'm still Yusaf Mack."

Mack says he and his former fiancé are still friends, and his other children are supporting him. 

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