Bucks County family's Christmas displays targeted by grinches year after year

- Lynn Tarnowski loves Christmas, and isn't afraid to show it.

“We put up a manger, because that's what we're celebrating. We're celebrating the birth of our Christ.”

So back in 2012, she and her husband created a 3-foot high nativity scene like this one in front of their house.

“We were proud. We got little stars to twinkle in the tree.”

Mary, Joseph, Jesus. It looked good, until...

“One day, we come out and the manger is gone.”

Someone had actually stolen it!  But hardly discouraged, next year they went bigger!

“After two days, we came out, and our manger was gone. Again? Again!”

What was going on?

“I didn't know if somebody had a vendetta against us. Or if somebody just had a vendetta against Christmas.”

No one else was getting ripped off.

Neighbor Ed Ford said, “Never had a problem with any destruction or theft, anything like that.”

But it kept happening to the Tarnowskis.  The following year, 2014, despite weighing down the pieces with stones.

“They lasted five days but they disappeared.”

“Three years in a row, gone?  Yes, they're gone.”

Then last year-- stolen within HOURS!  During set up, they had to run to the store, and when they came back...

“It was gone. They left the box. So my husband filled the box with stones, and put the box where the manger would be. So your display last year was the box that the stuff came in? Yes!”

Which brings us to this year.

“He put video security in. He has heavy chains, locks. He has alarms.”

But the thief struck again last week. Not able to break the locks, instead just vandalized the cords and timers.

This story could have you focused on the bad in people. But look closer and see the good.  A thief strikes five years in a row. But the Tarnowskis have no intention of giving up on Christmas.

Carol Menditto, a family friend, when asked if she was amazed by their persistence and perseverance, replied, "Love it!"

“They'll keep on doing it. And I'm sure if they have to get a big fortress around here, they'll put the manger scene on the fortress!”

And Lynn has a message for the thief.

“Maybe one year, what Christmas means will actually be understood by the person that's doing this, that's all I can pray.”

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