Police say woman on narcotics passed out in car with baby

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF) - Police are investigating a disturbing video of a woman out cold in a car.

"I seen her nodding in the car so I was going to put her on blast on Facebook," said a man who doesn't want to be identified. He says he started recording with his cell phone until he noticed something of bigger concern.

"Just as I was walking up I seen a baby in the backseat," he said. It happened Tuesday around 5:00 in the afternoon. The man says he was walking home on Allegheny and Janney Street in Port Richmond when he noticed the woman and baby.

He tried banging on the window repeatedly to try and wake up the woman. Then he says his paternal instincts kicked in.

"I called the cops and said listen there's a lady overdosing and there's a baby in the backseat. At that time I put my phone in my pocket, picked up a rock and smashed by the rear view mirror just to get open and unlock the door," he said.

The Good Samaritan says he shook the woman who still wouldn't wake up so he grabbed the child.

"He was crying his eyes out and he was soaked, He was sitting in it for awhile. It's heartbreaking."

Police tell us the woman who is 30 years old was high on narcotics. They say she tried to run when they arrived but they caught her. The baby was placed with DHS who in turn handed him over to relatives.

People in the area we talked to were saddened by what they saw on the video.

"I mean you have a child in there. She's unconscious. Sure it's very sad," said one woman. 

"The child is innocent and for her being like that one you're not paying attention and two it's a safety issue," said Luis Aguirre.

The Good Samaritan who says he has a 7-month-old is still emotional over what he saw.

"It's heartbreaking. How could you sit there doing something like that with your kid it's nuts," he said.

Police say the woman woke up when she heard their sirens as they pulled up. They say she took off running but they caught her. 

Police say they charged the mother on Thursday.

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