Police: Bystander shoots suspect in SEPTA vehicle carjacking

- Police in Overbrook are investigating an alleged carjacking of a SEPTA vehicle following a car accident.

The scene at 63rd and Woodbine looked like something out of an action movie. But it was all too real and a Catholic priest Father Matthew Phelan had a front row seat.

"At that point, I'm just thinking I hope nobody is dead," he told FOX 29.

Police say it started when the driver of a Dodge Charger blew a red light at the intersection and rammed a car, which set off a chain reaction that actually damaged two other vehicles. The driver of the Charger ran down 63rd and came upon the driver of a white Ford, according to police.

"The offender tried to get into his car and cajack him. He was able to pull the car door closed and just fight him off,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker.

Police say the man then raced to a SEPTA maintenance truck and tried to steal it. 

"He just came up and pulled me out of the truck- that's all I can say right now."

Police say the alleged carjacker sideswiped two parked cars and then hopped out, racing back to the accident scene at 63rd and Woodbine with the driver of the first car-- who had a permit to carry a handgun--  in hot in pursuit.

Joe Kelly, a high school freshman, was a passenger in one of the cars from that original accident.

"The man with the gun was yelling to stop him,  tackle him since I think he tried to break into his car. So I ended up just tackling him and bringing him to the ground,"  he said.

Father Phelan picks it up from there.

"They tackled him. Then, he got up and began coming out the other guy. The other guy said something to him then there was a lot of shouting and commotion in the street," he explained.  "And then, he pulled a gun and very calmly I think he gave him a warning or something and the guy came at him and he shot him."

"He didn't want to shoot him. He clearly didn't. He was just trying to be a productive citizen and protect people around him," Kelly said.

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