Blind veteran stands up to attempted robber

- A proud army veteran who once served overseas, Virgil Wright is now living without his sight, after a surgery to remove a brain tumor left him blind seven years ago.

He refuses to let any of this bring him down. When a burglar entered his home, Virgil chose to confront him.

Luckily, the burglar did not shoot and ran off.

Virgil has walked carefully down these stairs countless times.

But he never could've predicted where this path would lead -- the night someone broke into his home.

"I`m blind. You know? Don`t make a disabled person a victim. We`re victims enough,” Virgil said.

A proud army veteran who once served overseas.

He's now living without his sight.

After a surgery to remove a brain tumor left him blind seven years ago.

"It`s been rough.”

He's also now fighting bone cancer.

But refuses to let his health battles bring him down.

And wasn't about to let a burglar take advantage of him.

"Although I`m blind, I`m still a man and I`m going to stand my ground. Sounds crazy, but you know, I`m military-trained.”

So when a stranger smashed his basement window - and his roommate told him an intruder was in their house, Virgil chose to confront him.

"When you see things and when you see what`s going on, that`s what brings about fear. And I couldn`t see what was going on.,” Virgil said.

But he soon realized the danger - when the stranger put an assault rifle to his chest.

"My roommate hollered, said, `he`s got a gun!` that`s when I backed up....I just thank god that he didn`t pull the trigger,” Virgil said.

He and his roommate ran upstairs to call police and the burglar ran off - empty handed.

A close call that now brings Virgil to tears.

"Just the whole situation. Why I got to deal with this stuff,” Virgil said.

And a hope that police soon catch the person responsible.

"I ain’t no special case. But it’s got to stop somewhere. It has to stop somewhere.

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