Video Captures Moments Man Who was Initially a Victim is Kicked by Officer

ADAMS COUNTY, CO- A police investigation is underway in Colorado, after surveillance video surfaced showing a sheriff's deputy kicking a man, as he was being arrested outside a Denver bar.

Shocking video captured the encounter, which was took place over four-months ago.

The pictures make 31-year-old Alejandro Resendiz's cringe.

He says he'd broken no laws, and did nothing illegal but ended up in cuffs.  

A friend shoved him during a quarrel and the next thing he knew, police were beating him.

Angry and frustrated, Resendiz turned to FOX31 Problem Solvers, and he brought them security footage of the whole thing.

Footage that directly contradicts some of the sworn statements deputies made about his arrest.

Resendiz`s Police encounter occurred outside a bar called Karely`s on Pecos Avenue at around 10:30 pm May 24th.

Rrecords show deputies were nearby responding to an unrelated call when one of them saw Resendiz, hands in his pockets, get shoved by an acquaintance.

"They asked me if everything is okay and I said yes everything is okay," Resendiz recalled.

The two deputies appear to agree and, and on video, motion for them to go back inside the bar to enjoy the rest of their evening.

 But the moment another deputy arrives, that decision suddenly changes.

 They storm the bar door, and within less than 20 seconds, things turn violent.

"I asked those guys what was going on and that`s when they starting pushing me into the wall so that`s when everything started bad and couldn`t even talk," Resendiz said.

 Deputies described Resendiz in their report as 'passively' resisting their commands.

Even though he was only a potential victim in a domestic assault ,never a suspect , Resendiz suddenly found himself pinned to the ground.

"First of all they asked me, just give me your [expletive] hands and I'm like okay somebody is sitting on my hand, the other guy is grabbing my hand, so how can I give you my hand, then the other guy is grabbing my leg so it`s like, you couldn`t even move," he recalled.

Splayed out on the sidewalk, two deputies holding his arms - a fourth Adams County Officer runs up and tees off with an NFL style kick into Rensendiz`s lower spine.

"I just feel somebody kicking my back, like hard, so my first reaction was like, I grabbed my back. It was hard," he explained.

 After four punches to the face and neck area, and another few blows to the ribs, deputies appear to knock Resendiz unconscious by slamming his face into the concrete sidewalk.

"Obviously had this video not surfaced, we would have never seen what actually happened," said Mark Carlson.

Carlson is a retired Brighton Police Officer with vast experience in police procedures.

He agreed to review video of the Resendiz`s arrest and all the known reports.

"I see a pretty brutal looking kick. Not a kick I was every trained in I don`t know what you would call that. I see the suspect on the ground, a deputy has each of his arms. clearly he`s not in a position to punch anybody. It doesn`t look like his feet are flailing like he`s trying to kick anybody. Personally, i just can`t see a justification for that kick," Carlson explained.

 FOX31 Problem Solvers obtained an un-redacted police report , which was written by that kicking officer - Jeffrey Stovall.

The deputy wrote 'Alejandro was extremely combative. I grabbed Alejandra by the left arm and began yelling. I struck Alejandro several times with a closed fist.'

Deputy Stovall never mentions the kick, nor do any of the other three deputies participating in the arrest, although it appears a female officer is staring right at the act.

"I can`t explain why they wrote the reports the way they did, but to me at least the reports do not match what I saw in the videotape," Carlson said.

FOX31 called on the Adams County Sheriff to explain the oversight.

It turns out, commanders had never seen the tape, despite the district attorney having a copy.

"The Adams county Sheriff`s office would like to thank FOX31 news for bringing this new information to light. We are in the process of reviewing the video and reports from this incident to determine the appropriate course of action"

Resendiz says he's glad someone is finally looking into these deputies actions, since he complained about their behavior months ago without any result.

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