Promotional calendars missing the month December

December in Philadelphia is a festive time with the holiday lights and shopping, "goodwill toward men" and all the rest. But apparently, officials at Visit Philadelphia, the official visitor and tourism site for the city and region,  are not big fans of our 12th month.
Visit Philadelphia’s just released 2017 promotional calendars to 600 media outlets, and 250 of them are missing a key ingredient:  the month of December.
When we showed the calendars to people on the street, most had a hard time wrapping their heads around the omission.
"I don't know,” said one woman.  “What happened to it?"
"No December-- what?” asked a man.  “Doesn't sound like us.  December's a big month for us!"
And another woman wondered aloud, “Is it a trick? No December.  They forgot!"
Visit Philadelphia officials declined to comment for FOX 29 on camera but told us in a statement that "the December page was replaced with a repeat of the first page.  The printer is correcting the error."
Our Bruce Gordon wondered whether it really was an error, or whether maybe the tourism officials were secretly tipping off the media to something only they know: that there’s no need for a December 2017 on the calendar because the world is going to end after this November.
After all, Bruce remembered those creepy, oversized Ben Franklin and cheesesteak characters that terrorized the city in a January 2016 Visit Philadelphia TV ad.  Maybe the city was destroyed—drowned in cheese wiz!
One of our random “calendar coaches” seemed unfazed by the missing month.  “December will get here whether the calendar says it or not,” he told Gordon.  “Oh yeah, I believe that.   I mean, as long as I'm still alive to see it!"
In case you were wondering, our Gregorian calendar has been around since 1582, so we ought to have the hang of it by now.
ither way, Visit Philadelphia says they will gladly replace any defective calendars out there.
Bruce is hanging on to his.  It might be valuable someday!
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