Camp out for Peace: Local woman speaks up against violence

- 5 years ago Rosalind Pichardo’s brother was gunned down on a cold winter day on the streets of Philadelphia.  It was one of the darkest moments her family has ever experienced.  But this weekend she told our Bill Anderson she slept out on those same cold streets to try to bring awareness and some light to hundreds of families facing the same grief she’s dealing with….For Goodness Sake.

Ok, its winter, one of the coldest days of the year and its snowing. And with all of that going on Roz Pichardo is sleeping outside to bring attention to the violence on Philadelphia streets.
“This is the 72 hour Camp out for Peace.  This is the 5th year anniversary and I’ve been doing it since the murder of my brother,  Alexander Martinez," she told FOX 29.
The Camp Out for Peace is exactly what it sounds like.  Every year, Roz sleeps outside on a vacant lot in the Nicetown-Tioga section of the city.  It started off as a cry for help dealing with the unsolved murder of her brother but now it's much more.
“This is my brother, he was murdered in 2012. We have Michelle case is unsolved. This is Robert, a neighbor who lived directly across the street from here, he was found in his car shot and burned to death," she explained. 
The sleep out is just one part of her commitment to peace in our city.  She’s also actively encouraging communities to try to do away with the stop snitching culture by going door to door asking for help.  Even when doing it puts her at personal risk.
Roz knows that addressing street violence is dangerous but sadly tragedy has struck her so many times that she feels like if she doesn’t step up who will? The grief and intimidation that understandably cause many in our city to cower has inspired Roz to act as a way to help our neighborhoods and her own emotional survival.
Many of the victims that Roz memorializes as she sleeps out for peace still have grieving family members hoping that someone will come forward with any information to help them get some closure.  After the sleep out there will be rallies, speeches and more door to door pleas for help because Roz believes it's her way to do her part….for goodness sake.
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