Spike in overdoses in Philadelphia has health officials concerned

- Local authorities and emergency rooms are on alert after more than 100 overdoses happened in little more than 24 hours. 

It’s happening from Philadelphia to the suburbs and people are nervous, wondering who’s next.

“I was sitting in the park about two and a half hours and I saw four overdoses. That is a lot. The most I’ve ever seen in one day,” said Carrie.

Carrie, an admitted heroin addict herself, says things got so crazy in Kensington’s McPherson Park Friday night, she had to go into her emergency kit.

“I had to Narcan somebody myself,” Carrie said.

She says while she was lucky this time, her life has been saved before.

“I’ve been Narcaned by all sorts of people, thankfully. Thank God,” stated Carrie.

“For what it’s worth, 100 experienced overdose and they didn’t die. That is a step in the right direction for this city’s community,” said Devin Reaves.

Reaves, a former addict turned advocate and activist fighting for more access to treatment, says Philadelphia isn’t the only local town affected by whatever this batch of drugs is sweeping through the area.

“I have heard of overdoses from these identified bags as far as Allentown, Bucks County and Montgomery County. So what it comes down to is this – this is a regional problem and it requires a regional response,” said Reaves.

But, what’s in this new stuff that’s also producing a particularly aggressive, violent response from patients after Naloxone has been administered? 

“It could be cut with anything, it could have been cut with motion sickness medication, with fentanyl. We’re really not going to know until we get the response back from the lab,” explained Reaves.

After FOX 29 spoke with Carrie – whose four-year-old daughter is now being cared for by her mother in Doylestown – asked Devin how she can get help, so she can go home.

“A lot of shame and guilt keeps me out here for hurting my loved ones. I think it’s important that we have a voice. We really are good people. Maybe just need help. We’re kinda lost,” said Carrie. 

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