Watch This Pizza Delivery Guy Jump For Joy After $1 Million Lottery Win

(INSIDE EDITION) A pizza delivery man went wild after winning $1.2 million on a lotto scratch ticket.

Joseph Carillo, a 31-year-old single father who lives in California, bought the ticket at a liquor store.

He purchased three Set for Life scratchers and uncovered a box with the word "Life" on it, which made him a millionaire. Before he bought the tickets, he was down to his last $100.

"My buddy was on a winning streak - winning $100 scratchers this past week. I was getting frustrated with the guy," Carrillo said, according to KNBC. "I'm moving. I need the money! So I asked him, 'How do you do it? Give me some luck!'"

When he discovered his big win, surveillence video showed him hugging customers and giving fist bumps, and shaking lots of hands.

"I'm tickled, I'm flabbergasted, I'm waiting for my heart to explode, I'm waiting to go to sleep and never wake up again.

"I don't know! My buddy said there was a one in six million chance to win the grand prize. It's me!" he said.

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