Funnel Cake French Toast from Continental Atlantic City

3.5oz milk
3.5oz water
4.75oz sugar
3oz butter
4oz high gluten flour
4ea eggs
1/2oz heavy cream
Pinch salt
4 slices of brioche bread
2qt vegetable oil

How to:
Combine milk, water, butter, sugar, salt in a pot and bring to a boil
In a bowl or tabletop mixer transfer liquid and gradually add flour while mixing with a paddle, mix 5 minutes
Once incorporated add eggs (whole,not beaten) gradually, mix 10 minutes
Cover bread in batter and deep fry at 375 degrees until almost golden brown

Candied walnuts
8oz whole walnuts
13oz sugar

How to:
Combine all in a pot, on low heat cook until nuts have a shiny coating stirring frequently to ensure not to burn. Remove from pot and let cool

Coco whip house wife style       

1 can full fat canned coconut milk
1oz Confectioners sugar
TT vanilla extract
Mixing bowl

How to:
Drain off water from coconut milk and use only the solid
In a cold bowl or tabletop mixer whisk coconut milk, sugar, and vanilla extract until whipped

Spiced sugar:
The following spices are ground
.75t cinnamon
.5t allspice
.5t cardamom
.5t clove
.25t ginger
1/2lbs confectioner sugar
How to:
Combine all in a blender, put lid on and cover the whole with a towel.
Blend on lowest setting working your way up to the highest

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