Romp N' Roll Recipe & Supply List

Silly Science: Homemade Ice Cream


Baggies – gallon, quart (2 gal/1 qt per child)Ice – 5 lb. bag

Heavy whipping cream



Tape – masking


Rock salt

Vanilla extract

Sprinkles & other toppings

Chocolate syrup

Cups – small paper

1) To create the ice cream mixture, pour the following ingredients into a quart sized baggie: ½ cup cream, ½ teaspoon vanilla, and 1 tablespoon sugar. If they would like a chocolate ice cream add 1 tbsp chocolate syrup. Close the bag tightly. Allow the children to assist with the measuring and pouring.Question: Which ingredient are we using the largest measurement? Which ingredients are using the smallest measurement?

2) Fill a gallon baggie about 2/3 full with ice. Pour about 1/3 cup of rock salt into the bag of ice.

3) Place the quart baggie of ice cream mixture INTO the gallon baggie of ice and rock salt. Close that bag tightly.

4) Put the bag of ice AND the bag of ice cream mixture inside another gallon sized baggie and close that baggie tightly also.

5) Stand up and shake, shake, shake the bags.

6) After shaking for about 3 minutes, bring the bags to the sink. The instructor will remove the ice cream baggie from the ice filled bag over the sink, run the ice cream baggie under cold water to rinse it off, dab it dry with a towel and lay it on the counter. Ask the children to return to their seats and wait for their ice cream!

7) Once all ice cream bags are rinsed, pour the ice cream into the cup labeled with the same name. Hand the cups out to the children.

8) Make sprinkles and toppings available and allow them to add toppings to their ice cream if they would like. Give each child a straw and a spoon and allow them to taste their ice cream.


Crayon to Canvas – Fine Arts classVan Gogh Starry Night

Materials:Construction paper – light blue

Tempera paint – blue and yellow

Paint brushes – medium and small

Elmer’s glue


Craft sticks

Pipe cleaners

Gems and/or sequins – small

1) Give your child a piece of light blue construction paper, blue tempera paint, and a medium paint brush. Ask the child to paint their entire piece of construction paper with the blue paint.

2) While their paintings are still wet, hand out craft sticks and have the children scrape the paint and make swirls in it like in Van Gogh’s painting. This gives our painting dimension and movement, such as the wind blowing.

3) Next hand out the pre-cut black rectangles that will create the skyline, Elmer’s glue in small cups, and Q-tips. Use the Q-tips to apply glue to the back of the skyline and attach it to the bottom of the page. Explain that it is black because it is dark outside so we can only see the shadow of the buildings.

4) Hand out the pipe cleaners and model how to bend them into a swirl by wrapping it around their finger. Assist the children in bending their pipe cleaners into swirls by twisting them or wrapping them around their fingers and pulling them up and off the top of the finger to create swirls.

5) Again using a Q-tip apply Elmer’s glue to their swirls and place on them on their blue sky.

6) Ask what we see in the sky at night. Stars! Make available bowls of small gems or sequins for them to add as stars to their sky. Use Q-tips to place glue dots in the sky then place the small gems and/or sequins on the glue dots.

7) After the “stars” are placed in the sky, we must also add a moon, so pass out a small amount of yellow tempera paint and a small paint brush for the children to paint a moon in their sky. Discuss how it can be a crescent moon or a full moon.

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