Unicorn Food recipes


RECIPE: For our version, we’re going to cut out most of that sugar with some vanilla Halo Top ice cream, which is a low-calorie, low-sugar ice cream brand—there are just 5g of sugar per serving here— and you’re going to divide that into two portions You’ll blend one portion with 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk and ¾ cup Pitaya pulp, which you can find online or at Whole Foods, and that’s gonna give it a super bright pink color. To the next bowl, add a few drops of blue food coloring and blend with almond milk and half of a frozen banana. Layer your colors in a glass, top with some homemade, no-sugar-added whipped cream, and organic sprinkles.



RECIPE: All you need to do is a small bowl of your favorite dip; I’m obsessed with this Green Goddess recipe you can grab on my website. It’s so good. You’ll slice up a few bell peppers—red, orange, yellow, and green—and add those in as your rainbow. And then, of course, no rainbow would be complete without some clouds. So we will add in some cauliflower. And then our pot of gold...some sliced baby corn here on the side!



RECIPE: Simply make your favorite spaghetti, then divide into bowls and add food coloring. Throw it back together on each of your kid’s plates for a kaleidoscopic look. Add some veggie-filled sauce and some protein—meatballs!—some healthy cheese, and you’ve Managed to make dinner feel as festive and fun as dessert. Individual bowls of colored pasta laid out alongside a small bowl of sauce and a bowl of two meatballs; all we have to do is put them together onto one plate and add a scoop of sauce and a meatball!


UNICORN YOGURT BARK: Here is an upgraded, healthier, unicorn-inspired recipe that you probably won’t think is good for you when you first get a peek at it. And neither will your kids. It just looks too fun and too delicious. This is unicorn yogurt bark, and unlike the sugar-filled chocolate peppermint bark we’re used to making and eating and then feeling super guilty about, this one uses a super low-sugar Greek yogurt. Here’s how to make it happen:

RECIPE: Simply divide your yogurt into many different bowls and add food coloring. Line a baking tray with parchment; then spoon your yogurt on top and swirl it together (but not too much!). Top with organic sprinkles and freeze for about 6 hours until the yogurt’s totally frozen...then, break it apart. You can get your kids involved with this part; it’s super fun.

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