10-year-old gives best man speech at his dad's wedding

Heartwarming video shows a 10-year-old boy giving a speech at his dad's wedding. He was the best man and was ecstatic to be apart of the big day.

"I was actually kind of nervous I'm not going to lie," he told FOX 29.

10-year-old Jaydon Rabatin filled the shoes not too many kids can. On Sunday, he stepped into the role of best man at his dad's wedding.

"So this means I'm losing my bachelor buddy. We go wayyyyy back. (laughter)," he said in the speech. He stole the night.

"It was pretty fun because everyone laughed and I had a great time," he said.

Jaydon showed us how he practiced the speech, which included tributes to his stepmom, Briana.

"There's is nothing more important as a son than to see my dad happy and that's what he is when he is with Bri."

He wanted to be witty and he surely was.

"Here's our confession. We have never been the cleanest of guys without Bri I don't think we would ever have clean underwear or socks," he said in the speech.

"It's definitely a big proud dad moment."

Jaydon's dad, Kevin, says he wouldn't have had anyone else as his best man. He says Jaydon's personality fit the role.

"He's a great kid I couldn't ask for nothing better. He makes you laugh I was cracking up the whole time during the speech."

Jaydon's mom and stepdad are proud as well and the speech was really emotional for the bride.

"When he said I was the chosen one definitely kind of hit me," she said.

Jaydon hopes he will always be his dad's best man.