Adorable Delaware County girl dances with Mary Poppins character in Disney World

A Delaware County girl made a super‐cali‐fragil‐istic‐expi‐ali‐docious memory on a trip to Disney World recently.

2-year-old Marceline is seen here dancing with Bert, the character portrayed by Dick Van Dyke in the 1964 Disney classic "Mary Poppins."

Marceline, who has clearly seen Mary Poppins a time or two, shows Bert how to perfect his moves from the film. She toddles and kicks with Bert before she ends with a spectacular and totally planned fall.

To stamp the memory forever, Marceline and Bert posed together for a picture.

Marceline's mother, Amanda, said the adorable video is starting to get a lot of attention. A Disney blog recently posted the video and it is already up to 46,000 views, Jessica told FOX 29.

With the recent revival of the Mary Poppins series in the 2018 movie "Mary Poppins Returns," perhaps we will see the 2-year-old on the silver screen in the near future.