Banner at swim club with President Trump themed message disappears

A banner with a President Trump themed message mysteriously disappeared last week and that got people talking.

The summer swim at Broomall's Lake Country Club in Media got real hot last week. A 25-foot banner appeared on the private club's fence with a very public message that read, 'Make 3rd Street Great Again'.

It references the rebuilding of the Third Street dam and bridge, which is a controversial project mired in delays and lawsuits since the mid-90s. But it's the Trump-tinged message that had some cringing.

"That's too political," Justin Denny said.

As social media comments started to mount the banner mysteriously disappeared. Media police were even called. Although they aren't calling it a theft. They do say a swim club board member took down the sign himself saying it was too divisive.

"I think the first banner triggered some people. The banner was donated by an anonymous couple that was frustrated with a lack of progress with Third Street," Swim Club Vice President Paul Cavanagh said. FOX 29's Chris O'Connell asked, "Nothing to do with Trump?" Cavanagh replied, "Not in my view."

He says after public pressure Broomall's Lake replaced the banner with what some call a kinder gentler message.

"Something like that was meant to be a joke," Rachel Weiss said.

The club doesn't says its not trying to take any sides. They just want their bridge built and get on with their lives.

"We're supposed to live in a first world country and we can't even replace a roadway and bridge in 20 years," Cavanagh said.