Chadds Ford Wawa Soon To Sell Beer

One local Wawa gets the green light for a pilot plan to sell beer.

That Chadds Ford Wawa location is now the first and only store in the state to approve the sale of beer. That's a big deal for Wawa and its customers.

Wawa got the go ahead Tuesday evening from the Concord Township Board of Supervisors. They voted to allow the sale of beer at this one location as part of a pilot. It would be the first Wawa in Pennsylvania to sell alcohol. Not everyone is happy about the decision though.

"What in this world can we truly control?" said one customer who fears it might cause a problem with underage drinking since it's a store where young people shop too for other things.

"People like money. They're going to do things for the wrong reasons to get money," said one customer.

The biggest concern though is from beer distributors. Jeff Dill works for Brewers Outlet just up the road from the Wawa that will sell beer.

"I want to be able to compete with them. They can sell six packs. I can't," said Dill. He says he can't compete with a convenience store power house that has jut about everything and will now be even more of a one-stop-shop.

"People will be there for coffee and they will get their beer there. It's not fair to me because I can't draw them in with coffee. I can't draw them in for snacks or lunch," said Dill.

It still needs approval from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Beer sales would be restricted to certain hours. Acme, Giant and Whole Foods Supermarkets in the area already sell beer. Wegmans in this area will soon sell it too.