For Goodness Sake: Community rallies around physically disabled neighbor

David Murray lives alone in Flourtown and is paralyzed from the shoulders down because of muscular dystrophy. Even more than his medical condition, he also had to deal with the recent loss of his sister who also had MD as well as his brother who died from cancer.

"My house use to be filled with people all the time and now it's just silent. And it gets to me and I'm thinking I don't know what to do with that," he said.

The empty house has been a struggle but at perhaps his loneliest moments he's reminded of a Montgomery county neighborhood that for years has supported him both emotionally and financially.

"When she (my neighbor) gets the people together and they come, it's like they open up their arms and you can just dive in."

The "she" that David mentions is longtime family friend Patricia Sivel.

"David moved to my block, his mother was a widow with 5 children, my mother was a widow with 4 children and his mother and I became good friends," said Sivel.

Murray's mother had the wherewithal to renovate a handicap accessible house in preparation for what her two children would need but when she passed away, Sivel and the community stepped up to support their neighbor for the next twenty years.

"The third fundraiser was in '99 and we raised $50,000 and that lasted until the beginning of this year," said Sivel.

The money has allowed David to stay in his home, do maintenance work and keep some level of independence but now that it's gone and the house needs repairs. Patricia and the community are trying to step up again for their neighbor and their old friend.

"It's hard, it could be myself, I would want someone to help me," said Murray.

The fundraiser fliers are posted throughout the area and a Go Fund Me account has been set up. In light of all of the controversy lately with fundraising, Patricia made their intentions clear.

"The money goes directly into the David Murray supplemental needs trust," she said.

But there are several larger stories here. It's about a man fighting for his independence a community showing they still stand up for each other and an opportunity for us to help if we choose to.

"It brings tears to your eyes and it's not like sorrow it's just like, 'oh my God' they're helping me maintain my life and I don't even know them."

Regardless of some recent fundraising concerns isn't that really what helping each other is about? For Goodness Sake.

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David Murray Supplemental Needs Trust

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