Help wanted: Restaurants experiencing worker shortage as diners return

Restaurants are reopening but they need help. Some are short-staffed causing the businesses to struggle. Patrons are returning in droves and business is up, but restaurants like the Blue Bell Inn can’t find enough staff to keep up with demand.

"It’s actually been pretty difficult. We did a hiring event and we had one person show up over the four hours that we were there so we’re putting the word out best we can because we need people to come and apply," manager Danielle Price said.

Price admits it’s a good problem to have in some ways so much business that more staff is needed.

 "We’ve been very fortunate, we’ve been increasingly busy beginning through the weekends and they now bleed in more Wednesday night and Thursday nights."

Christine Sala says this is one of her favorite restaurants and feels for the staff here as they are shorthanded on busy days.

"It’s really sad what’s happening due to the coronavirus. I do feel it’s picking up a lot of people have been vaccinated," Sala said.

For staff server April Straup who is putting herself through college with this job, she wants others out there to know jobs are indeed here.

"There is opportunity. There are a lot of restaurants that don’t have a lot of staff and no one really thinks about that, so yeah get out there."

Price says the constant changing of rules and regulations in the city may be confusing potential workers.

"I think people are not sure what roles are being needed to be fulfilled recently since things have been getting safer," she explained.



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