Hundreds attend prom for people with disabilities held in East Norriton

Hundreds of people attended a prom for people with disabilities that was held in East Norriton Wednesday night. It was truly a night to remember.

For Jamie Harris it was everything.

"I never been on a prom. I didn't go on my high school prom," she said. But tonight was Jamie's night. She dressed up in an elegant blue gown for a prom for people with disabilities.

She came with Andrew Porter. They've been dating for a year.

"Her supervisor told us about the dress that she was wearing so they made me go with the blue on blue," said Porter.

The event was held at Presidential Caterers in East Norriton and put on by Merakey. It's a developmental, behavioral health and education provider. Staff and caregivers dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz. The theme was 'Somewhere over the rainbow'. Everyone arrived to a paparazzi-lined yellow brick road.

Many hit the dance floor including Daniel Byers and his date Jessica. Thad Starkes has worked with Daniel for about a year and says the prom is always a good time.

"Fellowship between the companies and the staff and employees who are here and how they interact with each other. Give them a good time. They need it. They deserve it," said Starkes.

Paul Flicker sang the night away. His favorite spot was by the DJ booth.

"I like the people here. I like the music here and meeting people," he said.

Organizers say it's the 17th year of the prom. They hold it twice a year in two different locations.

"You get complete happiness and it's just wonderful. You see all of the smiles," said Terry McNelis, executive director of IDD Services for Merakey.

And smiling is what our couple of the evening did all night.

"This is super special. You've done it before and you're helping make this a great night for her? Yeah. I'm being, you know, this is what a man is supposed to do," said Andrew Porter.