Jurors view police interrogation tapes in Sean Kratz murder trial

It was a packed Doylestown courtroom Friday in day three of Sean Kratz's murder trial. Jurors spent the morning watching a video of Detective David Kemmerer interrogating Sean Kratz about his role in the robbery and triple murder at his cousin Cosmo DiNardo’s Bucks County farm in July 2017. 

DiNardo had quickly confessed to killing two of the three but claimed it was Kratz who fatally shot 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro. Again and again, the detective demanded answers.

“You shot that guy in the head,”  he said to Kratz, pointing to Finicchiaro’s photo. “I never shot any of the kids,” replied Kratz. “That was all his sick master plan," which was a reference to DiNardo. 

Kratz’s mother, Vanessa, was brought into the interrogation and pleaded with her son to come clean. “You have to do what’s right,” she said to her son.
Kratz eventually revealed to detectives that DiNardo had hidden weapons used in the killings at DiNardo’s aunt’s home in Ambler, Pa.

Friday afternoon, the climax of this drama as a second video was played for jurors. A videotaped statement from Kratz in April 2018 part of a plea agreement brokered by his defense attorney at the time. On video Kratz says that under pressure from DiNardo he did indeed kill Finocchiaro. 

 “I pulled the gun out, aimed it in the air, closed my eyes and fired a shot. Dean started to collapse," he said. “Do you believe your shot hit Dean in the head?” ask a detective in the room. “Yes,” said Kratz.

In the front row of the courtroom, Kratz’s mother wiped away a tear.


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