Monsignor in Downingtown parish resigns, finances examined by Archdiocese

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia shared with parishioners at Saint Joseph Parish in Downingtown, Sunday, the news of the pastor, Monsignor Joseph McLoone, who had been on an official leave of absence since February, had submitted his resignation and that the notice of resignation had been accepted by the Archbishop.

Monsignor McLoone admitted to the Archdiocese that a bank account had been opened in the name of the parish in November 2011. This account was not on the parish books. Monsignor McLoone was the only person using the account.

The account was frozen in February 2018.

Monsignor McLoone was questioned by the Archdiocese and acknowledged he understood that the existence of the account was in violation of Archdiocese rules. Monsignor McLoone acknowledged that a portion of the funds in the account were used for personal expenses of an inappropriate nature.

The Archdiocese review of the account found an accumulation of a little over $110,000. The Archdiocese does not think that Sunday collections, contributions to the parish capital campaign or school fees were deposited into the account. The Archdiocese did determine that some donations as well as money earned by the parish were deposited into the account.

The Archdiocese has yet to determine what, approximately, $50,000 was used for and seeks explanations from Monsignor McLoone.

The Archdiocese is pursuing full restitution of the funds on behalf of the parish.