New Jersey bakery leaves cheerleading squad scrambling for fundraising orders

UPDATE: A legendary New York City cheesecake brand is helping out the cheerleading team. Junior's Cheesecakes in Burlington, New Jersey, is filling the orders to save the fundraiser. The Chargers now head to the Poconos for a big cheerleading tournament and hope to win a chance to compete in Disney World.

ORIGINAL REPORT: A local cheerleading squad sold cheesecakes, but when it came to pick up the orders the bakery was closed until further noticed.

"Everything goes to the girls, this is all volunteer based." It's practice night for the Lindenboro Chargers, but while they're doing somersaults and tumbles on the mat their coaches are facing hurdles behind the scenes after a trusted fundraising partner bailed without notice leaving the squad $3,500 in the hole to donors.

"We felt bad because they did specifically come out to pick up these cheesecakes. We had a lobby full of parents," Fundraising Coordinator Kelly Keating said.

The Chargers had sold more than 650 orders through Riverside, New Jersey-based Cinderella Cheese Cake Company money earmarked for this season. But the company was a no show days before Thanksgiving instead pushing delivery back a month to Monday and guess what?

"They guaranteed delivery was between 5 and 6. And we were here waiting and no cheesecakes," Keating said.

Desperate coaches drove up to the company. They found notes plastered to the door saying 'Closed until further notice.' The phone lines just rang and rang. Online coaches Kelly and Jason were finding dozens of complaints from schools, dance studios, teachers and parents detailing similar problems. The chargers called FOX 29.

Lindy Mundy answered the door for us at the family's facility in Riverside, New Jersey.
It didn't take long for her to tell us, "I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed. I apologize, and I'm doing the best I can," Linda Mundy with Cinderella Cheese Cake Company said.

She instead told us the problems stemmed from Cinderella's own faulty equipment. But then why tell the team their cakes were on the way?

"Unfortunately, by the time I got the information and started contacting people it was already too late and that's bad, that's bad for business and I know it and I don't want that happening," she explained.