Pennsylvania school board approves controversial book policy

The Central Bucks School Board on Tuesday approved a new policy change that allows them to control which books and materials are allowed in their libraries based on sexual content.

The school board voted to have the right to ban books with sexualized content with "explicit written descriptions of sexual acts."

The board said it does not plan to remove any books currently in the library, but will control new material in the future.

Critics, including the ACLU, say the policy would begin a wave of books to be banned, especially books targeting LGBT+ students.

Some spoke in favor of the change, but most students and parents pleaded with the board before the vote not to pass the new policy.

At least 1 school board members expressed legal concerns..saying the policy could violate 1st Amendment rights to free speech.

Central Bucks School District is same district that has come under fire recently for banning the pride flag in classrooms.