Police monitoring man who allegedly peered into windows, intimidated residents in Bucks County

Police say a man has been wandering around an upscale Bucks County community intimidating residents and peering into windows.

According to police, Sean Aaron Perry, 31, is a drifter who has been seen in the area of Charter Club Drive and Stirrup Lane. Avery is known to police stemming from incidents in 2016, but until now he had not been seen.

In late May, police say Perry returned to the Buckingham Township neighborhood and was spotted walking shirtless down the street. Perry was allegedly approaching homes and people, which drew the police's attention.

"Basically what he's doing is working in the neighborhood, looking in people's home and when they confront him, he becomes confrontational but he moves on," Buckingham Police Chief Michael Gallagher said.

Surrounding police departments say they are also aware of Perry and have made contact with him in the past.

Residents are understandably on edge and are taking precautions to guard against Perry.

"I’m a little concerned," Ryan Bucknam said. "We’ve been locking our doors more often and dropping our garage door right away."

Police do not believe Perry is violent, but they have charged him with harassment and disorderly conduct. Both offenses will not result in jail time.