Potbellied pig found bound, beheaded in Northeast Philadelphia

Authorities are investigating after a potbellied pig was found bound and beheaded in Northeast Philadelphia on Monday.

The Pennsylvania SPCA's humane law enforcement team found the deceased pig inside a dog crate in Fox Chase-Burholme after receiving a referral from Philadelphia police.

"Due to the rarity of pot-bellied pigs within the city's limits, the PSPCA is hoping that someone will come forward with information regarding the source of this pig," the nonprofit said in a statement.

"This pig suffered greatly prior to death being bound and then decapitated," said Nicole Wilson, director of humane law enforcement at PSPCA. "This crime was committed by an individual, or individuals, who simply wanted to do something cruel for the sake of cruelty."

Another potbellied pig was dropped off at Philadelphia's Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) on Monday. Sources tell FOX 29 the two cases may be related. Luckily, the potbellied pig dropped off only had minor injuries to his ear.

Anyone with information on this case or who witnesses acts of animal cruelty is encouraged to call the PSPCA's Cruelty Hotline at 866-601-7722. Animal cruelty can also be reported by filling out the PSPCA's online form here.

Those interested in donating to the PSPCA can do so here.