Shake Shack customer commends burger cooks in viral video

Fast-food employees rarely receive praise for doing exceptional work, but one customer decided to give two cooks the recognition they deserved, albeit in the most roundabout way possible.

In footage that has since gone viral, a young man named Marcus Jeffers likely shocked the staff and clientele at the new Shake Shack restaurant in Marlton, N.J., after rising from his seat and loudly demanding to know who made his burger.

"Yo," Jeffers can be seen yelling in the middle of the packed restaurant. "Who made this burger, man?"

Approaching the register, he once again repeats his question in an intimidating tone. "Who made this burger, man? I know y'all hear me!"

The employee at the register eventually points out two cooks named Jason and Mike. The customer raises his burger toward Jason and Mike and declares, "Jason, you killin' it man. Mike too!"

"I actually, I didn't know about it until I walked into work tonight and he said something to me. He was like, it's gone viral,' Jeffers told FOX 29.

At nearly 6 million views on Twitter alone and being retweeted by Shake Shack's official account.

"I can't even put into words, honestly. It's just something that happened over night," Jeffers explained.

He was just hanging out with his buddy Saturday night when he bit into a sandwich that apparently changed his life.

"The first bite I thought it was a fluke. I just thought it wasn't right but the second bite I was like, 'Wait a minute this was amazing,' Jeffers said.

So he decided to let them know.

The video ended up on ESPN. It was liked by several social media celebs and even got edited into a SpongeBob clip.

"When I saw the SpongeBob thing I almost fell out of my chair," Jeffers said.

He met up with the Shake Shack crew again Monday night and says he's just glad everything worked out.

"I'm just glad it didn't get out of hand. I'm just glad nothing crazy happened-- the police didn't get called--thankfully," he said. "I thought that was like a last resort cause I don't look that threatening to be honest."

He says the best part was the shake sauce.

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