People worry about getting sick during the frigid weather

We're in the deep freeze and aside from staying warm people are worried about getting sick.
"I'm trying to fight it right now just like ugh it's like the worst," said Tracy Diggs. She’s fighting a cold but wasn’t completely dressed like it tonight.  Neither was her friend.
"I'm trying to substitute my headphones for earmuffs," laughed Shatoni Caldwell.  Both have a lot of advice on how to keep from getting sick in this frigid weather but they admit not taking it themselves.
“Weather protection like scarves or gloves play a big key of health because if you’re not warm then you feel like you're about to get sick. We're examples on what not to do right now. No hat," they both laughed.
Most people we saw tonight were bundled up as they walked against the wind and stepped around left over snow.  Two reasons why a lot of us are miserably sick and we're only nine days into the new year with the harshest weather yet to come.
"I've seen a ton of viral upper respiratory infections, bad sore throat and muscle aches. I’ve seen the flu. I've also seen sinusitis. A lot of people having significant sinus infections," said Dr. Mike Cirigliano with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  He says his office has been a revolving door of people looking for relief from winter related sicknesses.
"Everything.  Because of the extreme cold weather lots of people are going inside and when people go inside they interact with each other and share all kinds of critters," he said. Dr. Mike’s advice is simple: dress warm, eat well, get rest, stay hydrated and wash your hands often.  He also suggests a sinus rinse before calling in for antibiotics.
Garron Gibbs agrees but says there’s something else.
"Taking my vitamins and just not believing that I'm sick. I'm going to Jedi mind trick myself into not believing I'm sick," he said.  His friend Marta Rusek says when all else fails...
"Get some matzo ball soup and you'll be totally fine."
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