'Cutest delivery boy' receives odd request from customer

MENLO PARK, CA (WTXF)- Pizza My Heart, a chain based in Northern California, received an out of the ordinary request from a customer last week.

The customer ordered two large pizzas to be delivered to an address in Menlo Park. On the receipt the customer requested, "Send us your cutest delivery boy. Tell me I'm pret."

According to FoxNews.com the chain assumed that "Tell me I'm pret" meant, "Tell me I'm pretty" since the number of characters had cut off on their online delivery system.

"I've had orders like this before so I was expecting a group of college girls," the pizza delivery boy assigned to the order told the Daily Mirror.

Pizza My Heart is located close to Stanford University, and frequently receives odd requests from partying college students.

But this time, the when the employee arrived at the address, he found something very different.

A lone woman answered the door, with a house decorated for a birthday party. But the party was missing one thing- the guests.

During a brief conversation on the doorstep, the woman explained to the boy that she had thrown a birthday party for herself, but no one had shown up.

She invited him in for cake, and he cautiously accepted. But what happened next shocked him.

"We laughed and talk the whole time," he said. "As I was leaving I gave her a hug and told her she was pretty."

The employee allegedly received a warning from the manager of the store for taking such a long time during the delivery, but he is still an employee at the chain.

But the employee said that regardless of the warning, he thought that cheering up a woman on her birthday was considerably more important.
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