Local moms turn symbols of hate into something positive

- Local moms are turning symbols of hate into something beautiful.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson has the story.

One of the challenges of the news is that we have a responsibility to tell you about stories impacting neighborhoods.  We have to make people aware of danger in their neighborhood but can’t always dedicate as much time to how communities unite to overcome that danger or challenges.

Most have reported the alarming number of hateful attacks or symbols that we’ve seen lately but its at least as important to point out how residents of Fishtown responded to a swastika being painted on their neighborhood rec center.

"It struck a chord with Beth and I and my husband and other people in the neighborhood and we just got up out of our chairs and ran over here with paint to get rid of it.  That was our initial response, it's not gonna be in our special space for our kids," Jenn Richey-Nicholas told FOX 29.

There was one symbol of hate on a bench at Shissler Recreation Center but there are now hundreds of symbols of support in direct response to it.

“You can transform a swastika pretty easily into a simplified window and windows let light in and what we’re trying to do is push back against this dark time I think people are feeling."

 Although it's probably unfair to blame the actions of hateful people on an election, we have seen protests, attacks and an unusual number of hateful symbols following it. The residents of Fishtown that FOX 29's Bill Anderson spoke to are now rallying all of their peers to overwhelm hate and let the light in

 “I wanted the person who did draw it to comeback and see what’s in its place. I also wanted to let the light in to that person too," said Beth Huxta.

The let the light in pics are now popping up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  and the hope is that it will spread and show society that the attacks are often more widely seen but they pale in comparison to the number of good people offended by them

The 'Fishtown Mommas', as they refer to themselves, admit that they don’t know if this is going to change anything but they wanted people to know that for every person who is trying to intimidate for the sake of fear or the sake of hate. They wanted people to know that there are hundreds who say NO that doesn’t represent us and willing to do it just for goodness sake.

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