Parking meters pop up in Delaware County

Parking meters are popping up in new places in Delaware County and people aren't happy.

Michael Reynolds has worked in downtown Chester for several years and he's taken aback by the sudden addition of parking meters all over the downtown business district. It's something he says happened out of the blue.

"They never notified nobody about these meters. This whole avenue, they just came up and started throwing up meters," he told FOX 29.

There's more frustration a few blocks over on Widener University's campus. However, Widener took things further to court and won an injunction to stop the installation of hundreds of meters on campus and in the surrounding area. Each of them would charge $2 an hour to park.

Widener officials have said the city of Chester is trespassing on its property by building the parking meters. A spokesperson tells FOX 29 the university continues to have constructive discussions with Chester officials.

City leaders have said in the past the meters bring order to a chaotic parking situation, but the mayor's office declined to comment in-depth due to the ongoing legal case.