Cheetah cub siblings play in nursery at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has released new video of its adorable six-week-old cheetahs following weeks of seclusion due to medical issues.

The two cubs, one male and one female, were part of a litter of four born on Nov. 29, 2018.

Their mom, Malana, is part of the park's cheetah breeding center. But when she was unable to care for her cubs, staff at the zoo took over.

All four cubs had various health issues and received treatment at the zoo's Animal Care Center. Sadly, one of the cubs' male siblings died from medical complications.

The third surviving cub is being sent to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon, to help with their breeding program.

Staff said the brother and sister, who have not yet been named, can be seen by park visitors at the zoo's nursery.

"They are at the stage in life when everything is still 'new' to them so they are extremely curious and playful," said senior keeper Eileen Neff.

The zoo said keepers plan to bottle feed the little felines for several more weeks and eventually introduce them to the public.