Kmart supervisor gives emotional farewell speech as store closes after 55 years

A supervisor in a Kmart in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, gave an emotional goodbye speech to customers as the store closed its doors for the last time after almost 55 years of service.

Tina Logan shared this video of Lisa Wilson's farewell speech over the store's PA system on January 6, writing, "bittersweet as New Kensington Kmart closes their doors just shy of 55 years (Feb). We had to wave Grammy and her store goodbye. The final 'Attention Kmart Shoppers' announcement!"

In the video, Wilson's voice breaks with emotion as she says goodbye to her "Kmart family."

"I'm sure there will be laughter, hugs and a few tears," she said in the video as her voice started to shake. "Here's to one last time of 'Security, clear the floor!' Our New Kensington Kmart store is no more."

"Goodbye, ya'll."