Mummers strut for 119th annual New Year's Day parade

The City of Philadelphia kicked off the new year Tuesday with its 119th annual Mummers Parade.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole caught up with some of the Mummers and parade-goers.

They've danced and strutted along South Broad to the delight of onlookers fulfilling a sequined tradition unique to this city.

Parade-goers lined the street drawn by the mild weather, the costumes, the creativity--even the outrageous.

"I think 2019 is a good year for acceptance and embracing all the most fabulous parts of yourself. The parts you want to celebrate because they're you--the way you want them to be," Anthony Mars said.

A family from Voorhees, New Jersey, sat huddled in some of the best seats along the route with children seeing the special for the first time.

"I think it's beautiful. The kids love it. We're having a really good time--nice out today--great experience," Amanda Ruggiano said.

In a city of great history. A city proud of its past, but struggling with problems of the modern day the Mummers Parade means hope for the new year.