New details surrounding controversial video involving Goodyear Police officer

GOODYEAR, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Goodyear Police officials are talking on Friday about a shocking new video that's gone viral.

The video showed the moment a Goodyear Police officer pulled a woman out of her car during a traffic stop.

An incident between the officer and the woman, now identified as Renee Armenta, was all caught on camera. The incident began as a traffic stop, where the officer reported he was pulling Armenta over for driving with a suspended license. It quickly escalated from there.

"It was like within 45 seconds," said Mariah Ayers, who captured the encounter. "I was like, did that really just happen right now?"

So, how exactly did it end like this? The officer says he ran the cars registration prior to pulling Armenta over, and learned she had a suspended license. After pulling her over near Van Buren and Dysart, the officer says Armenta confirmed her identity, and was asked to step out of the car. According to court documents, Armenta did not comply, and when she was finally out of the car, she continued to pull back from the officer. The officer noted she "put her right arm behind her back", and that is when he felt an imminent threat and reacted, pulling her, striking her in the fac, and then dragging her from the car.

"I just feel like it was eye opening," said Ayers. "I didn't feel like it would happen."

In a statement issued Thursday, Goodyear police say they are investigating the specific details of the particular case, and are working to review body cam footage and conducting interviews. Officials went on to say when a conflict with a suspect occurs during an arrest, it can present a "challenging and often dangerous" situation for the arresting officer, and when a situation such as this occurs, it can appear frightening to passersby who don't understand the full context of the situation.