Pabst Blue Ribbon debuting whiskey

In toast-worthy news, Pabst Blue Ribbon is reported to be debuting an inaugural whiskey this summer. Though reps for the iconic American brew have yet to make an official announcement, beer aficionados caught wind of the news through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which approved a label for the upcoming spirit.

Last week, PBR got the OK from the federal bureau to release its first-ever branded whiskey, Food & Wine reports.

The product will be 52-percent corn, 27-percent malted barley, 17-percent wheat, and 4-percent rye, culminating in an 80-proof whiskey presented in a 750-milliliter bottle. The alcohol is further being touted as "made from nature's choicest products that, legend would have it, Jacob Best used in 1844 to provide its smooth, complex flavor," according to the label.

The whiskey is also reportedly "aged for five seconds," which could classify it as a "white dog" whiskey, as per Food & Wine.

Furthermore, PBR's first-ever whiskey is being distilled and bottled in partnership with New Holland Brewing of Michigan, MiBiz reports. The collaboration marks an expansion of their current partnership, under which New Holland's beers are sold through Pabst's distribution channels.

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