Whata-pistol: Houston store creates Whataburger-themed handgun

A Houston business created a one-a-kind Whataburger-themed handgun, but the fast-food chain is distancing itself from the custom creation.

HTX Tactical created the "Whata-pistol" for a Whataburger fanatic. The gun store showed off their latest creation with a video on Facebook that has been viewed more than 1.2 million times.

The gun is an AR pistol that is decked out in Whataburger-themed trimmings and color schemes. It even comes with a side of "fries," a magazine covered in a french-fry-themed design.

"It was just a fanatic Whataburger customer that came in," co-owner Javier Garcia told the Houston Chronicle. "Obviously, Texas, firearms and Whataburger go hand in hand, whether you enjoy (firearms) or not."

However, not everyone is a fan of the unique handgun.

Whataburger released the following statement to media outlets:

"This product is not affiliated or licensed by the Whataburger brand in any way. Whataburger did not give HTX Tactical permission to use our brand and logo, and we are reaching out to HTX Tactical to cease distribution of this product."

But Garcia says the gun is a one-of-kind specifically created for one customer, and the company is not selling other "Whata-pistols."

KPRC-TV says the unique handgun came at a price of $1,800 and took about a month to make.