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Hope on Wheels gives $500k grant to CHOP


Hyundai's "Hope on Wheels" helps Children's Hospital of Philadelphia fight pediatric cancer.

On Sept. 27, the charity presented the hospital with a $500,000 grant to support pediatric cancer research.

The grant coincided with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

"There's really inadequate funding for some of these projects from the traditional channels of research funding, so that's where Hyundai and its dealers can step in and provide an enormous amount of funding for these amazing projects," said Peter Lanzavecchia, president of Burns Hyundai.

Hyundai "Hope on Wheels has committed $13.2 million to support 52 doctors in their research for better treatment options and to improve care for kids diagnosed with cancer.

FOX 29 partnered with Hyundai for the charity, with events through the month of September.