Organization links artists with cancer survivors

FOX 29's Joyce Evans has more on Twist Out Cancer.

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Good Day Philadelphia

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Coping with loss during the holidays

While many enjoy festive celebrations during the holiday season, others have to navigate through life's struggles. Psychotherapist Dr. Tina Scott joins Good Day Philadelphia to discuss how to cope with loss during the holidays.

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Work To Ride

Horse Stables in west Philadelphia give children the chance to learn valuable life skills with its Work to Ride program. Now the stables are looking to expand the facility to reach even more at risk youth.

Courtyard Mentor Network

Mentorship is critical to the advancement of young minds. Courtyard Mentor Network introduces young men to career professionals and sets them up with a network of recourses.

Healing The Culture

How do we shack the stigma of mental health in marginalized communities? Therapist Alphonso Nathan hopes his docuseries "Healing The Culture" will be the first step.