Our Race Reality- Buying Black: C'est La Si

FOX 29's Thomas Drayton visits C'est La Si in Philadelphia to meet the owner and learn about her fashion brand and why she chose to make her clothing line multifunctional.

Our Race Reality: Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has been the subject of so much controversy and discussion. So what is it really? Will it help or hurt your child. FOX 29 takes a closer look.

Our Race Reality: Keeping the Faith

How do you define faith? What about when something tragic happens and shakes your faith to its core? FOX 29’s Thomas Drayton examines the role it plays in our lives.

Our Race Reality: Black Moms Matter

Black women in the United States are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than White women, according to the CDC. FOX 29’s Shaina Humphries explores why Black women are disproportionately dying this way and what mothers can do to protect themselves and their babies.

Buying Black: Little Miz Cupcakes

Hank Flynn visits Little Miz Cupcakes in East Falls as they are trying to promote literacy for children by collecting books in her store.

Our Race Reality: Action for Allies

What is the role of White America in addressing race? Bill Anderson explores that question and more on Our Race Reality: Action for Allies.