Our Race Reality: Revisiting Small Town America

After an ugly incident, the people of Franklinville, N.J., said they were committed to change, to having the difficult discussions, and to making progress. So, did they? And are they an example for the rest of us? FOX 29's Bill Anderson has this special report.

Our Race Reality: The 2020 Difference

2020 has been like no other year in many of our lives. Faced with multiple challenges, the need to have truly difficult conversations emerged. Your FOX 29 family was moved to participate in those discussions. And, to that end, the "Our Race Reality" series got its start.

Our Race Reality: Healing A Nation

With an ongoing pandemic, civil unrest, and political and economic struggles, 2020 has been challenging, to say the least. We wanted to talk to some of the newsmakers and find out what this year meant to them, and what they hope 2021 can be. FOX 29's Bill Anderson has this report.

Our Race Reality: A Portrait for Justice

An emotional and inspirational look at how artists are expressing the feelings of millions through their paintings, sculpture and music. FOX 29's Alex Holley and Photojournalist Mike Greenidge have this special report.

Our Race Reality: The Talk

More people have become curious about The Talk. They want to know what it means, why it's necessary, and how we can come together in the future to make sure it's no longer needed.

Our Race Reality: Corrine's Place

Jenn takes a look at some of the Thanksgiving take-out options available at Corrine's Place in Camden as part of Our Race Reality: Buying Black.