6-year-old from Bucks County collecting donations to keep homeless warm this winter

Winter temperatures are on the way and for the homeless it's a struggle just to survive. One Bucks County girl is making it her mission to keep people warm.

Abigail Viola's Bensalem home isn't actually Santa's workshop. This 6-year-old girl's story will warm your heart and if she has anything to say about it your feet and head as well.

This effort began on a cold November morning as Abigail waited at the bus stop with her mom, Alice. They talked about homeless people and Abigail got an idea.

"I said, 'Mom, maybe can we do a glove drive at school?" she said.

And so was born Friends for Need, a glove and socks and hat and scarf drive designed to help the most vulnerable among us. Abigail helped set up drop-off bins at locations all over town. This was her idea and she wanted to do the work.

Abigail's mom and dad have been taking their daughter with them on charitable outings since she was a very little girl. Over time, the idea of helping those in need took root.

Thanks to a huge donation from the Croydon Sock Factory, Abigail is in position to help far more people than she had ever imagined. Not bad for a first grader.

For more information, please visit Friends For Need's Facebook page, here,