Atlantic City officer recovering after scuffle with man

An Atlantic City police officer is recovering after a scuffle with a man the officer was attempting to arrest.

According to authorities, two officers were responding to the beach block of Raleigh Avenue December 24, just before 1:30 p.m. in order to serve a temporary restraining order and remove from a residence 43-year-old Jeffrey Pryor.

Officers allowed Pryor to gather some items that were his. Authorities say, after approximately an hour, Pryor became unstable, refusing to vacate the dwelling. He allegedly grabbed a pillar in the residence and refused to let go.

The officers told Pryor he was under arrest, with one officer attempting to place Pryor in custody. Pryor resisted arrest causing both the officer and Pryor to fall to the ground.

Pryor was then handcuffed and taken into custody.

The officer was transported to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, treated and released.